Where Luxury

What is Luxury Token?

Luxury Token incorporates luxurious items
with one of the oldest games known to man, the lottery.

Why Choose Luxury Token?

Team Members will research and offer the most trending Luxury Items

Team members will research and choose rewards people are interested in winning.

Luxury Token will revolutionalize blockchain lotteries by utilizing NFTs as lottery tickets, thereby ensuring transparency of winners.

Utilizing NFTs as lottery tickets will provide a cyclic effect for increasing volume:
NFT purchases will increase the money our team can work with, thereby allowing us to improve the items in our lottery, which will entice people to buy more NFT lottery tickets. We will spend a part of this money to buy-back and burn.

We also plan on collaborating with large sponsors to allow people to win "limited edition" items within our lottery.



Q4 2021 (November - December 2021)

- Website Launch
- Pinksale Doxxed Presale
- First Lottery During Presale for a Luxury Items
- Pancakeswap Launch
- Marketing Campaign
- More Lotteries


Frequently asked questions

Luxury Token will be incorporated within our marketplace as currency to purchase NFTs and lottery tickets.
Participation in the fair lotteries is done via purchases of our NFTs on our marketplace. We plan on announcing the times of these lotteries via our social network platforms.
No sign up needed. Simply connect your wallet using TrustWallet or Metamask and you'll be able to purchase NFTs.
Winners will be announced via our website as well as our social networks.
No one. Our fair lottery will be chosen via a randomized algorithm controlled by the blockchain to ensure fairness for all participants.